Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome, Chums! Think Clean Thoughts!

...what just happened?

So here I am, with my most challenging final being tomorrow, and naturally I prepare by going to this blog and seeing if anyone has commented on it (seriously, Bryan Ferry's Mom? I finally write a strip on the naughty couple that worked there and you don't comment? For shame) and I see tons of people commenting everywhere, because Rich Fuckin' Johnston linked me! Pretty sweet for a guy only getting two hits a week just a month ago.

So to Rich, merci beaucoup (note to self: study for French final tomorrow as well. You have no idea how to ask questions in French, leaving you a life of pissing yourself in Paris because you can't translate the Gallic form of water closet). I was just kidding with everything bad I might have stated about you. Heh heh. In all seriousness, I read your column every week and get annoyed when you take off for American holidays, although by typing that I realize it's probably the American website taking the day off. You stopped giving Marvel so much shit and laid off Millar, too, so good for you! (Full disclosure, I like both Marvel and Mark Millar, and actually find his shameless self-promoting endearing, despite that his being a dirty pinko commie I am naturally inclined to hate him) Do yourselves a favor and go pick up The Flying Friar. Trust me, as someone taking a religious class in a Catholic college you need all the excitement you can get from that genre.

To my new (mostly UK-and-her-former-colonies-residing) readers, 'ello guv'ners! That wasn't offensive, was it? It's odd to find so many comments and such from people across the various ponds, but more than welcome. I would bust a testicle to visit or live in Australia or England, as I'm one of those Yanks that likes and respects the accomplishments of the entire world. And for the record, while the genius of 2000 AD, Doctor Who and even Monty Python escapes me, I am in your debt for the following: Dizzee Rascal, The Streets, Morrissey, The Office, Alan Moore, Peter Milligan, and without a doubt Lucy Pinder. You can keep Madonna.

A couple of quick notes about me: I do not currently work in the comic store. The comic store may or may not exist. I also don't hate England or women. I actually have a lot of friends and am enjoying my much delayed college experience. This isn't one of those things where the guy doing the narrative is blameless or smarter than everyone else or put on a pedestal. Believe me, I will be getting to me later. I don't really keep up with comics anymore, although I know things like Captain America is dead and Iron Man runs SHIELD and everyone is a Skrull. Other than that, I couldn't tell ya.

I'm hearing a lot of recognition on my stories, which is both good and bad. Once I get the time I will be setting up links and stuff, and if anyone wants my (worthless) opinion on something or wants a question asked, ask away in the comments or e-mail me. In the meantime, continue to enjoy the medium of comics, without thinking so much on who makes them, sells them, and reads them. No, not you. The other guy in the store. The creepy one.

Okay, instead of doing the cliched "Welcome To The Jungle" video with Guns N Roses, I'm going to the original "Welcome To The Jungle Scene" from The Dead Pool (Not the Deadpool) starring Jim Carrey and Liam Neeson. Everything goes better with Neeson.


edc said...

this is my favorite new blog..
be thankful you aren't collecting or working in sydney.
the biggest comic store here is run by a pedophile, and then other one charges 5 times the usual price.

Bryan Ferry's Mom said...

I did comment on the swingers!!

Heck, I even found myself lurking over to archive.org to visit the remnants of their swingin' website after reading your post. The memories came flooding back. It reminds me of what grandma used to say, "There's too much free porn on the internet to keep you from ever thinking about paying for it." Grandma, why couldn't you have been there for those fame seeking swingers?

Seethe Rogers said...

Hmmm... a pedophile and a jack-up artist. I'm assuming, like most comic book fans, you go to the pedophile. Oh, but I kid.

Boxcar Willy said...

man, you need to update your news! haha
Stark doesnt run SHIELD anymore,
SHIELD is over, the new big daddy at Marvel is Norman Osborn!

great blog by the way!

Invisible Ninja said...

Hey, love the blog. Found it through Rich's article. Been sending the link or mentioning it to anyone who'll listen. I work in a shop in Montreal. It's fun to contrast this blog with the article on CBR that talks about all the uplifting moments in his store. Think I might start a blog similar to both. Anyways, always looking forward to your posts.

Seethe Rogers said...

Dude, start a blog. I'll link you up. That goes for everyone. I'm pretty computer illiterate. I'm trying to find out how to follow my followers. I'm also still working out how to do the Google Analytics. You'd think being a nerd would make me computer knowledgeable. You thought wrong.

Invisible Ninja said...

Man if my roommate didn't work for IBM, ie is really good wih computers, I rpobably wouldn't be online at all. Stupid box with your stupid buttons.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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