Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Return Of The Horrors!

Okay, so it's only been, what... five months, right? Not too bad.

Alright, where was I? School, folks. Going to school. Not doing all too much other than that. This semester was a rough one, albeit one of the more memorable ones. On a personal note, I actually wrote a play. This marks the first time in my personal history of ever that I've written a complete creative work, and somewhat of a viable one at that. I'm currently sending it out to trusted friends in order to ascertain some honest feedback, and then I'm sending it to every able-bodied producer in the US. The sooner I can get paid doing what I love, the sooner I can lord it over my many enemies.

Was I so busy that I couldn't even update a lousy once a week or month? Well... no. But I decided to take a break, although I'd be lying if I expected to take such a long one. Mostly I was just getting burned out, in addition to being slightly disappointed at a lack of involvement for the blog. I was kinda bummed at making a rapid series of posts with few comments. I understand not everyone has something to say about everything, but for right now it's the only measure I have of who's reading. And while that contradicts my earlier notion of mainly doing this for myself, it was quite a headrush and ego boost to have followers.

But no matter. I am back, and while I can't really see myself making one post a day like I was at my peak, certainly I'll manage better than twice a year.

For those of you wondering where the picture comes from, it's the cover to Superfolks, the best comic story you've never read. It's so good, in fact, that Alan Moore stole from it for three of his best known tales, Watchmen, Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow? and Marvelman! Grant Morrison apparently wrote a column in the early '90s talking about it. I'd love it if some ambitious journalist removed his mouth from Alan Moore's penis and asked him about this influence. Because in my opinion Alan Moore is a very lucky man. In another world, Robert Mayer is better known and Moore is looked at with suspicion. I'm honestly surprised there wasn't any lawsuits. I'm not saying Moore is not talented, nor do I intend to piss on the Holy Grail of comic creators... but read Superfolks and see if you don't take the hero worship down a notch or twelve.

Why am I embedding this clip? Well, because it has the song "Return Of The Mack" in it. The downside is that Entourage is the douchiest show in the history of television, and the guy who uploaded it is one of the douchiest guys on YouTube, so be sure and give him shit in the comments section of his video.